Design Process Alignment

Online workshop / Jan 2021

I initiated and led a workshop aimed at making the works of product designers more visible within their teams.

This workshop had several internal sessions that culminated in a cross-functional discussion on what designers can do for the team and what is not within their jurisdiction. Prior to it, I asked PMs and engineers across all teams to fill an anonymous feedback form that was the base of the design team alignment. Participation was optional, and those who attended received a certificate of appreciation.

Figma for Beginners

Online workshop / June 2020

I initiated and led a workshop for non-designer colleagues who wanted to know how Figma can help them with daily tasks.

This workshop had 2 open sessions and was held online. I made use of nothing but Figma to showcase the endless potential that this product has to offer. Prior to the workshop, I asked attendees to vote in a Google Form for their most daunting daily editing tasks from a list, and I covered the most popular ones during the 2-hour workshop.

User Testing IRL

Online workshop / April 2020

Collabing with a designer colleague, I planned and facilitated this workshop for fellow designers in which we shared some of our hands-on experience with user testing.

This one-time workshop was our contribution as part of the DISCO design group that was forged within the Finleap ecosystem. We created a fluid how-to guide for user testing that put an emphasis on everything that could go wrong, and then on how to deal with it.

Design Tradeoffs

Online workshop / November 2019

I initiated and facilitated a workshop for colleagues that shared my impressions from a similarly named NN/g class I attended, and how to apply it to our work.

In this internal 1.5 hr workshop I opened a discussion on problem definition, discovery prio and how to generate useful values.

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