Web UX/UI Design, Desktop, Mobile and Tablet / 2019


Increased traffic in Penta's blog section made it a viable tool for raising brand awareness, as changes in content style led to long pieces that required a reconsideration of its layout and usability.

My role

I was the only designer in the project.

I was in charge of research, timeline management, design and information architecture definition, handover specs, breakpoints, edge cases guidelines etc.

Starting point

Before: No pagination, no grid, images cropped arbitrarily.

Before: No pagination, no grid, images cropped arbitrarily.

How this was done

Qualitative interviews with users and potential users I first interviewed 8 acquaintances and users from outside the org on their impressions of the blog status quo. For a project like this, quantitative data in the form of a survey would normally be ideal, but seeing that this was a stealth passion project that was initiated and advocated for by the SEO lead and myself, there was a need to build a strong case for a blog redesign without the initial backing of resources. This proved itself to work - as for some - anecdotes speak louder than numbers. I crossed-referenced my initial assumptions with the insights gathered in the interviews and together with data reflecting on the blog's increased traffic, I was able to produce compelling evidence that propelled management to support this initiative.

Feature prioritization I listed all of the things that my colleague and I ideally wanted the refurbished blog to include. There were many ideas, all great, but some more impactful or feasible than others. With management's backing, came a more realistic idea of resources, and some ideas had to be de-prioritized. I made a decision that in the spirit of striving to one day reach the most user-friendly blog possible, features would only be de-prioritized when it came to implementation, but everything would still go in Figma-land. This meant I had to make sure features beyond and within scope had to exist independently.

 Layout and notes from Figma file

Layout and notes from Figma file

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